Systems and Networking

manager_supportcriooed_Visible Systems can design and install simple networks that connect 2 PCs to each other and the internet using a broadband connection, or complex networks of 100’s of PCs across several sites connected by leased lines.

IT networks are becoming more complex. Installation and support requires a thorough knowledge of a wide range of different disciplines, from cabling and network design, through networking protocols, switching, routing, security, and on to hardware, operating systems, virtualisation and applications.

Larger Companies with complex networks

“Multisite environments require specialist knowledge”

Companies with several sites face specific challenges. Visible Systems support many companies who have complex networks. We are experienced with leased lines, remote desktop services, hosting servers in datacentres, and securely connecting sites using IPSecs.

“If you have several servers, virtualisation reduces costs and allows you to fully utilise your hardware”

Increasingly companies are using virtualisation to reduce the number of servers they own and to make maximum use their server assets. For example we recently converted six old server into virtual machines which now run on a single modern machine, freeing up rack space, and reducing maintenance and power costs. With virtual machines they can now choose to dedicate extra resources to one machine and reduce it for another enabling them to fully utilise their hardware.

Single Server sites

“Experts at replacing servers, even Small Business Servers using ‘Swing’ migrations”

Creating new networks is relatively easy but replacing existing servers can be difficult especially when it involves a Small Business Server. Visible Systems are experts at “swing” migrations from earlier versions of Small Business Server and have the knowledge to complete the migration even if the automatic scripts fail.

Systems and miscellaneous equipment

“Quality servers make sense”

We supply HP Servers because they are very reliable, well supported and cost effective. As market leaders HP provide a wide range of servers suitable for all requirements. Their onsite support is excellent and businesses can chose between 4 or 8 hour response times.

“Solid and powerful PCs”

Our Fujitsu Business PCs are manufactured in Germany, are very reliable and give excellent performance for the price. The laptops are exceptionally well built and excel when compared to their competitors. For the style conscious we have the attractive Sony VAIO range.

We also regularly sell and configure, routers, WiFi access points, firewalls, printers, networking cabinets, structured cabling, switches, VoIP phones, and anything else you need to make your IT work effectively.