“Quarterly visits from our experienced advisors so we understand your business”

At Visible Systems Ltd we recognise that as a business grows their requirements change. Therefore our support contracts include regular quarterly visits from one of our experienced advisors to update our understanding of your business.

“Adapt your IT to meet your business needs”

Once we understand your requirements we can discuss how we can adapt your IT to meet your needs and also alert you to relevant new technologies and how explain they can benefit you. From this discussion we will create or update your Information Technology Plan which will provide a strategic roadmap for the next few years.

Using Visible Systems Ltd Consultancy will enable you to reduce costs and maximise your return on investment so you get the maximum possible from your IT budget.


“A second opinion to provide a fresh perspective”

If you are happy with your existing IT supplier it can still be helpful to get a second opinion to provide a fresh perspective on your infrastructure. Visible Systems Ltd can provide an auditing service at our standard consultancy rates.

“Focus on the smooth running of your business”

The IT Audit will document your network and highlight any areas of concern. We focus on the elements of you system that are vital to the continuing smooth running of your business, disaster recovery, security, stability and robustness.

The report will also include suggestions on new technologies and upgrades that you may want to consider. The report is an excellent tool to prepare for meetings with your existing supplier.

“Introductory offer”

As an introductory offer we will refund the cost of you audit if and when you decide to take out a support contract with Visible System Ltd.