Cloud Services

“IT becomes a service rather than a capital investment.”

Cloud computing is a total change in the way IT is provided to companies. It can be thought of outsourcing not just your IT support but the entire IT infrastructure. Your IT becomes a service that you purchase as you need it, rather than a capital investment.

Moving your company to the Cloud involves replacing your existing systems with remotely accessed versions. It can be file servers, email services, software, backups and almost anything else relating to IT.

The benefits are that you can take advantage of the latest equipment and software without having to make a large initial investment or unexpected repairs and upgrades.

Many companies choose to transfer to the cloud when their servers are due for replacement or upgrading. Another trigger is working across multiple sites.

Email – Hosted Exchange

“You no longer need to invest in a server of your own.”

Traditionally most companies run an onsite mail server. This is expensive and requires regular support. By using a Visible Systems Hosted Email Server you change the pricing model to a monthly fee per user. You no longer need to invest in a server of your own, pay for upgrades or the maintenance. It is cost effective as we benefit from economies of scale and the fact the servers are located in our office.

While there are many other suppliers of hosted mail, Visible Systems Hosted Mail allows you to continue to use the advanced features of Exchange which are not available elsewhere.

Remote Desktop Services and Hosted servers

“You pay only for the services you use”

You can take the idea further and move all of your servers to Visible Systems and your users access them remotely using Remote Desktop Services. All of your data, software and databases are hosted centrally on servers at Visible Systems which makes it possible to improve security.

By moving all of your server to Visible System on their Enterprise Servers and you pay only for the services you use. We are responsible for upgrades and maintenance so you can plan your finances.

Online Backup

“We will be able to get you running using our hosted servers very rapidly”

If you keep your servers on your site you can dramatically improve the robustness of your organisation to improve your response to unexpected events. Using Online Backups you can keep a copy of your files at Visible Systems. Not only will it protect your files but if your servers were ever to fail or be lost we will be able to get you running using our hosted servers very rapidly. An additional benefit is that you no longer need to change tapes or disks and take them offsite.