Server Sentry


“Monitors your server 24/7 to improve reliability”

Visible Systems ServerSentry monitors your server 24/7 to improve availability and reliability. The ServerSentry will automatically fix many issues itself and anything else it reports to Visible so we can act proactively to make sure it is resolved before it develops into a crisis. Whether it is a failing hard drive, a missing security patch, backups or antivirus that are not working correctly, or a database that has failed. We get an early warning so we can fix it, often before you even notice there is a problem.

PC Sentry

“PCSentry is the highest level of protection we provide”

With PCSentry you gain the highest level of protection possible. Every PC on your network is monitored and any issues automatically fixed or an alert is raised at Visible. Updates are monitored and all changes are logged making it possible to identify what changed just before an issue occurs. Even if the PC is offsite we can still connect to it to support you so long as it has an internet connection.

Malware Sentry

“Malware has become a big business for criminal gangs”

With over 100,000 new threats created every day malware is a constant and growing threat to security. What was once a hobby for teenagers has become big business with criminal gangs writing viruses to steal money and passwords. MalwareSentry will block known viruses to greatly reduce the chance of infection.

Web Sentry

“Increase staff productivity and prevent many malware attacks before they get to the PC”

An increasing number of websites are infected with Malware or designed to trick people into giving away important information. You may want to ensure your employees concentrate on productive activities or to make sure they are not browsing illegal sites. WebSentry allows you to block harmful content before it gets to your PCs, to block types of sites like Social Media and Instant Messaging, and to prevent access to content that could be offensive or illegal. It also lets you analyse what your employees are browsing by providing detailed reporting tools.

Email Sentry

“Quarantine Spam before it gets to your PC”

Unwanted mail is a real timewaster and EmailSentry can dramatically reduce it. EmailSentry quarantines SPAM before it even gets to your PC so you don’t get interrupted and it also prevents deletes most malware.

Network Sentry

“Prevent hackers accessing your network”

Your first line of defence against attack is your firewall. Visible Systems NetworkSentry will prevent unauthorised access and allow you to control what types of traffic are allowed through.

Data Sentry/Laptop Sentry

“Lost or stolen laptops are a security risk”

When protecting your data is crucial use Visible Systems DataSentry to encrypt your hard drive so all of your data is impossible to read without the password. This is especially important for laptops which contain customer data like financial details.